2006 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year

~ Timberdoodle Tree Farm~


Purchased by Malcolm and Dorothy in 1963, Dr. Coulter is quoted as saying "Our Tree Farm greatly enhances our Quality of Life", a theme common to many Tree Farmers. Timberdoodle Tree Farm has been managed by the Coulter family with professional assistance from Maine Forest Service foresters in the early years, as well as by forester Carl Sanborn of R. Leon Williams Lumber Company in 1989, when the first commercial timber sale occurred under the Coulter ownership. More recently, professional consulting forester John Mills has been involved with Timberdoodle Tree Farm, and has helped prepare a forest management plan, in addition to providing fieldwork for conducting improvement thinnings. Tim Higgins, a family relative with a two-year forestry degree, owns and operates a logging contractor business and has conducted all of the recent improvement thinnings.

Many readers may recall Dr. Coulter as one of the wildlife professors from the University of Maine at Orono. Not only did Dr. Coulter teach "principles and concepts" about wildlife and habitat, he also practices habitat management to benefit wildlife at Timberdoodle Tree Farm. Conducting much of the work himself, culturing practices by the Coulter family has enhanced the habitat for birds, mammals and other animals.

Conducting the business of growing timber and producing quality wildlife habitat is displayed at Timberdoodle Tree Farm, thanks to conscientious natural resource management. In his closing statement about their Tree Farm, Malcolm states, "Finally, we believe that any piece of well managed woodlands should be self supporting. Thus far we have paid taxes on the entire property, (house, etc.), insurance, and outside upkeep including roofing, by income from the Tree Farm."