2009 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year

~ John and Marie Dudley ~


The Maine Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year is the Washington County winner, John and Marie Dudley. John and Marie own a 258 acre Tree Farm in Alexander. John cuts and markets spruce, fir and poplar most years, as well as enough firewood to last him through the winter. As a former teacher, it comes naturally for John to take school children on tours of his woodlot. He maintains trails with stops along them to demonstrate different activities he wants the children to understand. John has volunteered for the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine for many years. He also proudly displays his Tree Farm sign at the foot of his driveway.

Runners up in the Maine Tree Farmer of the Year Contest this year are Richard Randall of Standish and the Auburn Water District. Randall is also the Cumberland County winner, while the Auburn Water District is the Androscoggin County winner. Elizabeth Foster of Farmington is the Kennebec County winner for her Tree Farm in Vasselboro. Mari Abercrombie of Newburgh is the Penobscot County winner and William and Jean Noon of Springvale are the York County winners.