2012 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year

~ Ernest and Alberta Angevine of Bethel ~


Ernest and Alberta Angevine’s Tree Farm in Bethel was the site of the 58th Maine Tree Farm/Small Woodlands Owner Association of Maine Field Day in September. Ernest’s family had decided to proceed with the event despite his death the week before at age 92. “He was engaged in planning for it right up until the end,” his family said. “He was doing what he cared most about.” Children Barbara, Richard and Judy attended, along with grandchildren and great-grandchildren, some 27 members of the Angevine family in all.

Maine Tree Farm Committee Chair Jo Pierce presented Alberta Angevine with the 2012 State of Maine Outstanding Tree Farmer award, assisted by Bettina Ring, Senior Vice President for Family Forests at the American Tree Farm System in Washington, DC. Commissioner Walter Whitcomb spoke about expectations for the new Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

Throughout the morning and into the afternoon there were opportunities to visit sites and discuss white pine regeneration with Sherm Small and Merle Ring, vernal pools with Gordon Moore and forest insects with Alison Kanoti, among others. A forest service firefighting helicopter was a big draw for the more than 180 people who enjoyed the day.