Kyle Burdick

Kyle Burdick is the most recent past chair of the Maine Tree Farm Committee, serving in the position for two years. Prior to serving as Chair, Kyle was the Vice Chair for two years and the Washington County Chair for two years. He began volunteering after having his own land certified as a Tree Farm in 2011 because it was a logical step for a “Tree Farmer with a background in forestry to become more involved.”

Kyle is the Woodlands Manager for the Baskahegan Company in Brookton. He represents the company on the Maine Forest Products Council, University of Maine’s Cooperative Forestry Research Unit, the Climate Smart Land Network, and Project SHARE.

When asked what is the impact of the Maine Tree Farm Program on landowners and communities, Kyle replied:

“The potential impact is enormous. Outstanding Tree Farmers host community tours, talks, recreation opportunities, and environmental services. This increases the quality and quantity of education, entertainment, health and happiness. Forests do more for us than most people realize, and Tree Farmers and Tree Farms provide an even greater benefit.”

While Kyle predicts a somewhat smaller program in the future, he does not see this as a bad thing. He predicts that it will be “more robust and efficient… narrowing its appeal to landowners that are willing to go the extra mile.”

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